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Latvian traditional cuisine

The TravellerEnjoying the dishes of Latvian traditional cuisine, you will always experience a feeling of fullness and freshness, food rich in nutrients and natural. Previously rarely used spices, but eventually changed Latvian cuisine, borrowing and expanding the variety of dishes influenced by the cultures of many other nations.

The list of traditional dishes complemented by exotic spices and ingredients, creating a combined new taste sensations. There is also growing variety of dishes for vegetarians and supporters of the raw food diet.

The most favorite traditional dishes Latvia – meat dishes – black pudding (cereal sausage), roast pork, smoked variety.

A popular and game meat – in the food consumed meat beaver, deer, wild boar, duck, and a variety of fish, which is often smoked by traditional methods. From vegetarian dishes favorite are the pancakes from a pumpkin or potatoes, beet salad, soup with beans and sweet dishes – bubert or whipped delicacy from the egg and semolina, bread soup, bun made of rye bread with whipped cream and berries, and honey cake. In the summer months, people still go to the forest to collect wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and other berries and mushrooms.

Meal supplement drinks such as milk, yogurt, kvass, birch sap, a variety of herbal and other teas. Of course, you can not do without foaming beer.

Traditional dishes – one of the most essential elements of Latvian traditions, which to a large extent determines the habit of celebrating the holidays: Easter place of honor – eggs and cheese, on the feast of Midsummer – beer and cheese, sung in Latvian songs a day Martynov eat fried rooster, Christmas on the table put 12 dishes, a part of which must include peas, and sauerkraut. Folk beliefs say that the supply of food to specific holidays will bring health, prosperity, money, wealth and contribute to the harvest.

Where to look for traditional cuisine?

Traditional cuisine is available during the excursions to the rural farmstead, which serves a variety of treats: homemade cheese, flavored sausages, honey, beer, smoking, sklandrauši or baskets of rye flour filled with creamy carrot, freshly baked bread and many other foods. Visitors are given the opportunity to see how to prepare the product itself, and buy fresh, aromatic products on the spot. Also, the Latvian national cuisine can be enjoyed in the many restaurants of Latvia and the Latvian capital Riga.

For example, in the spring, after a long winter, strengthen the body for a long time Latvians use birch sap. As established in Ikskile cellar for birch sap wine and are interested in getting acquainted with the process of birch sap, you can taste the bubbly wine from birch sap own cooking.

In the cities, rural products are available in eco – shops and markets. Similarly, the proposal of restaurants, pubs and cafés are often based directly on traditional Latvian cuisine.

Latvian cuisine today

Under the influence of dietary habits of other nations and available nowadays spices, Latvian cuisine is gradually being upgraded – traditional cabbage soup can be served with olives and capers, vegetarians will appreciate the hearty meal with traditional beans, which added to the chili, and during the collection of mushrooms preparing risotto local fungi. Almost every restaurant serves, the origins of which lead to the Latvian traditional cuisine that chef masterfully adapted to the electoral modern taste gourmet.

What to buy as a gift?

Riga Black Balsam – one of the characterizing flavor of alcoholic beverages in Latvia, which gained the status of a souvenir. One of the main ingredients of Black Balsam – various plants that give the drink its dark color and medicinal properties.

Ancient proud Latvian national cuisine is a real rustic rye bread, which today add grain, dried fruit, and which is used in food as an additive, as a sweet and a savory food. In the suitcase is to find a place for honey, a variety of green teas, candies “Cow» («Gotina») and Latvian beer.

We wish you to enjoy the flavors of Latvia and find your favorite flavor!


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