Cat's House in RigaCat house this building is located in the Central part of Riga’s Old town, built in 1909 by the architect Friedrich Setelem in the style of late modern management.

Both the cat on the building called “cat’s house” extremely symmetrical, they adorn the towers above the intersection of the streets Meistaru and MAZ, Smilsu (Small Sandy) and Meistaru – Sirgo (Horse). The Central facade of the building is distinguished by a symmetrical composition, in the middle it is crowned by a sculpture symbolic image of an eagle with open wings, ready to soar into the sky – this image is also performed in accordance with the principle of a Central point of symmetry; it is a symbolic indication of the eternal struggle to achieve victory. The eagle is able to look at the sun without blinking, that was one of the reasons for the recognition of this bird key solar symbol is the functional contributed to the official inclusion of an eagle in the concept of symbols of modernity.

There is an old has not proven legend, according to which the rich landlord the Blumer (plume), unhappy that he was not allowed to become a member of the Riga Great Guild, the Executive organ of the Riga merchants, took the psychological act of retribution. He ordered the sculpted images of black cats with arched backs and put them on a pointed turrets of his apartment building, located on the opposite side of the street Meistaru (modern street Meistaru 10/12). However, these cats on top of the paintings were turned tails to the side Windows of the office elders of the Great Guild so nediplomatichno aspect had on the most vulnerable place.

One of the traditional tour Baek, against Blumer was started the trial, but legal measures failed to achieve from Blumer, that the cats were deployed. The Blumer was a good friend of the judge or paid generous bribes frequently changing judges that the sentence responsibly stated that these cats walk on their own, they are free animals and without them Riga will lose part of its architectural wealth. It is difficult to say when it was made world with obstinate and uncompromising gentleman by the name of Blumer (plume), but in the end, sooner or later the cats were deployed in a “correct” perspective.