Botanical Garden of the University of LatviaBotanical Garden of the University of Latvia was founded in the year 1922. In its territory in 15 hectares are greenhouse and street collection, consisting of approximately 6000 plants. The Botanical Garden is one of the favorite places of rest in Riga. You can slowly work around the compact, but rich of information territory, to meet with representatives of flora from around the world, visit the greenhouse plants, azaleas and tropical butterflies, and simply enjoy nature in the epicenter of urban life. Growers-fans, and those interested in Botany, and those who want to spend time in a beautiful and well maintained environment and at the same time learn something new is here all will find something interesting for themselves.

The greenhouse of tropical butterfliesThe greenhouse of tropical butterflies

In the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia is the only Baltic States opened a greenhouse of tropical butterflies and insects from the tropics of South America, Asia and Africa. In nature the butterflies flit in flocks on the sunny warm lawns. Feed on flower nectar and juice of ripe fruit. Now and you can feel the tropical butterflies Conservatory, the tropical exoticism: feel the touch of the porhaûŝego wing, the scent of tropical plants, the heavy heat of the air. No less interesting than the butterfly pupae, which are different in size and color, you can look through the glass of an incubator.

Botanical Garden

A collection of botanical gardens are extensive and carefully selected. In the Botanical Garden, you can get acquainted with protected plants, medicinal plants and poisonous plants in Latvia. Most trees and shrubs in the Arboretum are not characteristic of the species, such as Witch Hazel, lilac, Cedars, walnut, gingko, mulberry, cork trees, roses and edible chestnuts. In the garden is a collection of perennials, dahlias, lilies, herbaceous perennials and other ornamental plants. As part of a special exhibit, you can explore the marsh plants, and mosses and lichens. In greenhouses are tropical and subtropical, and desert plants, including cacti.

Each visitor will be able to choose the botanical garden plant for the home, Garden, pond and other purposes from a wide range of plants. The people working here, you will be able to receive comprehensive information on horticulture and floriculture, as well as of plant protection and care for them. In addition, by prior arrangement, you can take part in seminars on plant propagation, cultivation, particularly information on diseases and pests of plants, as well as on the use of them in daily life.

In the middle of summer, during the flowering of Linden in the Botanical Garden hosts a holiday gathering of gardeners, breeders and gardeners — fans rejoice at the achievements of Latvian gardeners, a variety of garden plants, find inspiration in the ideas for your garden and enjoy summer, enjoying the magic of colours, sounds and smells. During the exhibition you can buy and sell goods, plants and books on gardening.

Visit the Botanical Garden-this is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with plants all over the world, and also take a look at the interesting and unusual plants, learn about the features of their cultivation and care.


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