Transfers in Riga, Jurmala

Transfers in Riga, JurmalaShuttle service from the company "CST" offers to book a transfer in Riga and Jurmala. The price for booking before a transfer is more economical. Ordering a transfer, you hereby provide absolute comfort for your travel. The shuttle service is particularly convenient for travelers who first visited Riga, Jurmala, Latvia. Therefore, all travelers going on vacation or business trip to Latvia, we suggest ordering convenient, comfortable and safe way to get to the airport "Rīga" (or from "Riga" airport) - transfer.

How to order a transfer?

We hope that using our services, you will fully enjoy the journey in Latvia. Please fill out the application form transfer to Riga, Jurmala and our operator will contact you. For urgent orders please call +371 28958080 Riga.

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Luxury car (Up to 3 passengers) Business Class (Up to 6 passengers) Minibuses (Up to 19 passengers)
Airport - Riga 95.00 50.00 Eur 90.00 Eur
Airport - Jurmala 100.00 60.00 Eur 100.00 Eur
Riga - Jurmala 100.00 60.00 Eur 100.00 Eur
Riga-Ventspils 350.00 Eur 220.00 Eur 360.00 Eur
Riga-Liepaja 350.00 Eur 220.00 Eur 360.00 Eur
Riga-Vilnius 400.00 Eur 250.00 Eur 380.00 Eur
Riga-Tallinn 400.00 Eur 250.00 Eur 380.00 Eur

Rent a car with driver

Luxury car (Up to 3 passengers) Business Class (Up to 6 passengers) Minibuses (Up to 19 passengers)
Rent a car with driver for the day. (The price is calculated for cars 10 hours of Riga, Jurmala, Riga Region. For rent is calculated on the cost of the Baltic States on request) 260.00 Eur 200.00 Eur 260.00 Eur
Hourly rate: (Minim. order 3 hours) 50.00 Eur 30.00 Eur 50.00Eur
Attention! Price promotions on this website are approximate (depending on the season) and are presented in order to inform customers about the approximate cost of services.

Rent a bus with driver

MB Tourismo

(49 pas.)

VanHool   (до 49 pas.) Volvo   (53 pas.) Setra   (32 pas.)
Airport - Riga 145.00 130.00 140.00 120.00
Airport - Jurmala 155.00 140.00 150.00 130.00
Riga - Sigulda 400.00 370.00 390.00 200.00
Riga - Rundale 400.00 370.00 390.00 200.00
Riga-Vilnius 725.00 635,00 655.00 525.00
Riga-Tallinn 710.00 610.00 630.00 500.00
Riga-Moscow 1830.00 1725.00 1790.00 1405.00
Riga - Saint Petersburg 1140.00 1035.00 1100.00 920.00
Rent a bus with driver for the day. (The price is calculated for car 8 hours (70 km.). 435.00 400.00 415.00 340.00
Hourly rate: (Min. Order 2 hours) 135.00 110.00 115.00 105.00
Attention! Price promotions on this website are approximate (depending on the season) and are presented in order to inform customers about the approximate cost of services.
How to pay for a transfer?
  1. Cash transactions (issuing of receipts)
  2. Bank cards (machine equipped with a bank terminal, on request)
  3. Prepay by online bank PaySera
  4. Advance payment to the bank account SIA "CST"

Transfer service

biznes-transferSome people go to Latvia on a business trip, others – to see the beauty and explore the sights of Latvia, the third – just a vacation. Whatever the reason for visiting Riga (Latvia), planning is an important part of your trip. When traveling to another country you need to prepare in advance: Gather information about Latvia, its customs; read travel advisories; Make copies of important documents; take care of car rentals, hotel reservations, insurance. And, of course, traveling anywhere in the world, you have to use the shuttle service.

Imagine, then, when you get off the plane, car or bus will already be waiting for you. Any traveler does not want after a long flight or relocation to worry about how to get from the airport / Railway Station to the hotel, and especially if it is the first visit to Latvia and did not speak the local language. The shuttle service from the airport / Railway station eliminates the possibility of lost and at the same time removes the anxiety of the correctness and security of the selected vehicle, and the correct direction of travel.

In addition, shuttle service allows you to save money. This is because ordering this service in advance, you will have time to consider the most advantageous offers for you. At the same time, you get rid of the costs associated with exaggerated rates of local taxis.

VIP shuttle service

MB Long W221Company «CST» offers VIP car service Mercedes S class long in Riga, Jurmala, Latvia, Baltic States, as well as service VIP arrival and departure at the airport Riga. These services are very popular among foreign visitors, since they allow to make the trip and stay in Latvia as comfortable as possible.

We provide services to VIP meeting in Riga airport. You can rely on us. VIP meeting at the airport Riga made by the representative of our company in the arrival hall with a sign bearing the company’s name or the names of the tourists. We will meet arriving guests at the airport, carried to the car, help with luggage, deliver to the hotel.

Group transfers

Групповой трансферYou have arrived in the Latvian capital Riga, a large company that can not fit in a normal car? We find a simple and convenient solution for you! At our disposal are comfortable minibuses Mercedes Viano and Mercedes Sprinter which can be carried out transfers. These vehicles are equipped with comfortable ergonomic chairs, in which you will be comfortable throughout the trip. In them there is also enough space to place your luggage.

If you are traveling to the Baltic States group or family, rent a minibus Mercedes Viano is the best solution. All our vans are air-conditioned and have a high level of comfort. They transfer from Riga Airport or the Baltic states will bring you only positive emotions!

Attention! If you plan on traveling with children, keep in mind that in Latvia transportation of children is permitted only in a child seat.

We hope that by using our services and shuttle services in Riga and Jurmala, you will fully enjoy the journey and ever again talk to us when visiting Latvia.

If you are interested in our offer, you can contact us by phone in Riga +37128958080 or E-mail listed in the contact section, or send an order to transfer. We will be happy to help you plan your stay in Latvia.