Услуга "Персональный водитель"

You for some reason need a personal driver in Riga and Jurmala for a few hours or days?

The service “personal driver” is now widespread service in Latvia. Our company «CST» provides such services in Riga and Jurmala: personal driver, the driver for the family, the driver for the child.

Services of a personal driver can be carried in a car or on a car the customer our company.

Our company is ready to provide you with the most comfortable and luxury car Mercedes S-Class long Mercedes Long S class. Also available and comfortable minivan Mercedes Viano Ambiente, which are ideal for corporate events, meetings, business partners, as well as cars for the family. We offer rental cars that are in excellent condition.

  1. Cost of service “Personal Driver” car of the customer – 10.00 Eur / hour. Minimal order of services of a personal driver 4:00 (40.00 Eur).
  2. Cost of services “personal driver” for the day, the vehicle of the customer (10 – 12:00) – 60.00 Eur
  3. Cost of service “Personal Driver” car of our company can be found here

When ordering the service “Personal Driver” for more than 3 days – Price is calculated individually.

Long trips and services of a personal driver for a few days may include payment of hotel, meals, and night work, payment for which is calculated individually.

The service “personal driver” is relevant if:

  1. Your driver is ill or on vacation and you need services of a driver for a few hours or days.
  2. Your driver will quit, and you have not yet picked up a new one.
  3. You first came to Latvia and Need driver services for a few hours or days, as insecure feeling on the roads of another country.
  4. You do like to drive a car, but there is a need to go to a business meeting.
  5. You just get tired and just want to sit in the back seat of his car, and drove to wherever you say.
  6. You have used alcohol, and you have scheduled a meeting or a trip for the day. (Service “sober driver”)

Additional services of a personal driver:

driver for the child

driver for the child

The service “driver for the child.” A situation where parents simply do not have the possibility to take back their child to school or kindergarten, can occur in every family. If the school is far from home, we recommend that in such a case, order a “driver for the baby.” This will allow you to engage in work or chores household chores without worrying about moving your children. Attentive driver of «CST» deliver timely and accompany your child to the school and, if necessary, to meet him after school.

Choose the driver for the baby – is not easy, but now «CST» You can be sure the right choice. We are responsible for each driver and confidently guarantee a comfortable and safe journey. All our drivers have extensive experience in accident-free driving, and of high moral standing. After all, we understand that hiring a driver in the family, you trust us most dear – their children!

Водитель для семьи

Водитель для семьи

The service “driver for the family.” Order a service “Family Driver” from the company «CST», you will not have to worry about traffic jams and do not study the map of the city, our driver will bring your family in a timely manner to any celebration, a child in school. If you order the above-mentioned any service, you can rent a car with a driver, or to provide your existing car.

The service “driver for the family” fit for active people who appreciate the comfort and care of their loved ones. We trust the most valuable because we are a high sense of responsibility entrusted to us to carry out the work! If necessary, our drivers are ready for you to perform some household errands (eg, pick up things from the cleaners, buy and deliver the required products or surpass your car to the service).

Advantages of «CST»:

  1. Drivers have the experience of more than 10 years;
  2. Strict enforcement of traffic rules;
  3. High level of service;
  4. Accurate and careful driving;
  5. Convenience services.

Our service “personal driver” have already benefited from large enterprises, and individuals, for obvious reasons we can not name them, because they did not give their consent, privacy is guaranteed.

You may check the driver’s license of the driver who arrived on a call. If the service is provided on the vehicle of the customer, our driver, in turn, may ask you to produce documents proving ownership or the right to drive the car, which it will manage.
Of course, regular customers, we have full confidence, but met for the first time, sometimes we specify this issue.

If you are interested, you can contact us by phone in Riga +37128958080 or E-mail, listed in Contacts, or send a request for the service driver.