Family holidays in Latvia. Holidays with children.A family vacation is always a great opportunity to experience the unity of the family, get a fresh charge of sensuality in a relationship, get to know the interests of their children, to show them the world with cognitive excursions and various entertainment.

Joint planning future trips and route is a no less fascinating than the journey. So nice in the evening, when the working day is over, made home made school assignments, to get together over a cup of tea, planning to take a trip with your family. It is very important to choose one of the many routes that will be interesting to kids and teens, and parents.

Latvia is one of the Baltic Republics, which is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. From any city of Europe in Latvia can be reached by plane, by boat (there are direct ferries from Germany, Sweden, Estonia), by train (regular communication with Moscow, St. Petersburg and the main cities of Western Europe), by bus and by car.

Family vacation each year attracts more and more tourists to Latvia. And this is hardly surprising. Beautiful nature, many forests, lakes and rivers, clean small cities and, of course, the sea. Latvia has a rich cultural and historic heritage. History and culture of Latvia are distinguished by their variety, but at the same time, its originality and uniqueness.

Nationwide raskinuto a great number of historical objects, that is, architectural monuments of medieval knights. In these old castles and manor houses to spend a family holiday. Many castles were converted into guest houses and hotels, where the original layout and Interior, as well as exhibition halls with exhibits of antique objects. In the vicinity of the castles and manors again defeated and restored on the found in the archives of sketches of the magnificent parks and gardens. In these medieval castles are historical shows and festivals, fairs and festivals. Latvia has experienced various twists and turns of history, so you have a great opportunity to experience the story through the proposed excursion trips. Arriving in Latvia enjoy different traditional Latvian cuisine, as well as to participate in their preparation.

For younger guests, there is a lot of parks in Latvia under the open sky with exciting entertainment. The Riga Zoo, Mezaparks and amusement, water parks, the nature park Tervete, children’s railway, modern playgrounds, horse riding.

For active families with children in Latvia are recreational parks that offer to try to strip the obstacles, rafting rafting or canoeing on the river Gauja, developed the bike routes. Karting, paintball, skydiving and other types of active family holidays are also widely available. Latvia is a very good place to try something extreme active, because these activities are easily accessible, as it is easily accessible, easy to find, and you’ll always be welcome.

For those who want to escape from the city bustle, exhaust and noise of crowded streets, offers tours to national parks and reserves, in the quiet of the soprikosnëtes′ with the legends and everyday life of our ancestors, watch the wild animals and birds. We organize trips to cultural-historical and landscaped trails along the River, tours of farms, riding travel, walk on a yacht. In many forests, lakes and rivers are special parking areas for picnics.

Unexpected meeting, unfamiliar landscapes, fascinating attractions, walks in the medieval narrow streets, morning cup of flavored black coffee in small cozy Café-every visit leaves in our memory a lot of impressions and memories of cute and funny stories, that is so nice to go back to family nights, looking at photo albums.

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