Vins дегустацияIn Latvia and grape growing, and there are enterprising people, never mind to make of them a quality wine. While this is just a hobby for some people, so in Sabile Wine Hill is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the place where the farthest north ripe grapes (although this record is already broken), more than 10 years in the weekend of the last week in July is a holiday town where a significant role is played by tasting house wines. In the Abava Valley there are several farms, vineyards ambush, for example Ieva and Kaspars Suninsham owns 5 hectares of vineyards, the harvest of which they hope to prepare a good wine. Although it is believed that the wine in Latvia – something new, it would be misleading. Latvia has grown about 200 grape varieties are excellent breeders of local varieties, and the first grape exhibition at the Latvian Natural History Museum took place 70 years ago.

Wine tasting in the country estate:

We suggest you visit the countryside winery and taste the wine.

A unique opportunity not only to taste the wonderful aromatic wines from a variety of flowers and berries, but also with the winemaker to study the secrets of making homemade wine (about 15 different varieties of house wines). During the tasting you can taste four kinds of wine, and choose the best and buy it.

  1. Duration: 3 hours;
  2. Cost – 130 Eur (up to 6 pers.);
  3. Groups of more than 5 people – price on request;

The price includes:

  1. Transportation;
  2. Presentation and wine tasting;