Tasting lamprey in LatviaTasting lamprey in Latvia.

We invite you to taste one of the famous Latvian delicacies – lampreys. For lamprey tasting will take you on a comfortable car to the small farm, 30 km from Riga, where you will be offered to taste lamprey, grilled, sushi with lamprey, golden fried lamprey in jelly.

Tasting lamprey: lamprey is served without a side dish as a garnish only interrupt any of its delicate flavor. Lamprey has long been prized as a delicacy in Europe. The Spaniards perfectly cooked the fish, they are experts in the lamprey and the Estonians, and the most delicious in Latvia lamprey caught in the rivers Gauja and Salaca. We lamprey no guts, no scales.

The fish is prepared by hand, following ancient traditions. No automation and preservatives! Because the shelf life and is small, but the taste just incommunicable. Fish is bought from local fishermen.

  1. Tasting lamprey-Price: 100,00 EUR (1-3 persons), each additional person 15,00 Eur
  2. Duration: 3-4 hours

We hope that after visiting the tasting, lamprey and become your favorite delicacy.

About lamprey

Lamprey – the name of the whole group of lower vertebrates, and they come in cyclostomes class. Lampreys form only one unit, which is called diverse, and this unit has only one family, which is called the lamprey. Within the family, there are about four dozen species, among which there are both river and sea. Some species of fish have become very rare, for example, Ukrainian lamprey, which is represented in the photo below. Lamprey – a fish that for a person has commercial value.

Sea ​​lamprey

Sea lamprey body also has a cylindrical shape. Buccal funnel round, has a fringed edge. The front part of the fish body has seven gill openings. Colouring can be different: it depends on where the fish lives is amazing. Typically, there are individuals with a light gray or light green body color. But it is not homogeneous: all over the body can distinguish between black pattern as that of a natural mineral – marble.

lamprey larvae grow to a length of 8 or 15 cm, it is required at 4 to 6 years. Transition lamprey has a maximum size of 48 cm at a weight of 150 grams. Large living lamprey forms reach a length of 33 centimeters, and small – up to 25 centimeters. Lamprey sea – the largest species, which reaches a length of about 1.2 meters and a maximum weight of 2 kilograms and 500 grams.

River lamprey

The river lamprey has a body of a cylindrical shape, has no paired fins. During spawning, the females grow anal fin. By spawning lampreys at all, regardless of sex become high dorsal fins, and the teeth become dull. Fish from the back is painted in a dark, almost black, and the sides are cast in silver, while the belly is almost white. Running representatives of this family are painted in a metallic bronze color, but when the fish comes into the river, it changes its color to dark blue and matte.

Attention! Plan your journey in advance. The more time we have, the longer journey will coincide with your dream of a perfect holiday. If the weather permits, you can take a boat ride along the scenic river Gauja and get out into the bay to admire the nature and even swim.

We hope that using our services, you will fully enjoy the journey in Latvia and turned back to us.

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