Excursions in Latvia - Rundale Palace

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Excursions in Latvia – Rundale Palace

Traveling south from Riga, you will find a magnificent Rundale Palace, the summer residence of the Duke of Courland, which was built by the architect H.B.Rastrelli. Now seeing the beauty and grandeur of the palace, you will hardly believe that during World War II, the Germans used the palace as a granary.

Rundale Palace

Дворец РундалеRundale Palace – a baroque palace complex in Latvia. Located 12 km north-west of the town of Bauska in the village Pilsrundale. Rundale Palace was designed by FB Rastrelli as a summer residence of the Duke of Courland Biron.

The first stone was laid May 24, 1736. In 1740 Biron was arrested and exiled in Kurland, he returned only in 1763. Then in 1768 Rastrelli completed the interior decoration.

The ensemble consists of the palace of the palace building with stables and other outbuildings, which is adjacent to the south of the French garden of 10 hectares, closed on all sides of the channel, followed by stretches hunting park (34 hectares). On two floors of the palace are 138 suite of rooms. The southern side of the central building occupied state apartments of the Duke, on the north side are his personal living quarters. The eastern block are staterooms – Gold, a former Throne Room and the White Hall, once the dance, joined the Grand Gallery. It is noteworthy that in masonry brick palace used by Rastrelli unusually large size, which is produced at a nearby plant. A number of these bricks were forwarded to St. Petersburg and used in the construction of the Strelna palace.

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