1. Duration of the tour - 2 hours;
  2. Kind of the tour - walking tour;
  3. Individual tour - (up to 5 people) - 70.00 Eur.
  4. Group tour (more than 5 persons) - on request

To order an excursion

<p>Excursion in Riga “Old Town” with a professional guide – it is an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with more than 800-year history.

Excursion in Riga “Old Town” lasts about two hours. This tour will introduce you to the historical part of the city of Riga with the history and legends of “Old Town”.

Individual excursion in Riga

Individual tours in Riga – this is a great opportunity for those who can not tolerate restrictions and want to plan your time, your itinerary and the tour in general. Our company is pleased to offer such services. Taking into account all your wishes, we will make a route that you like for you. And even then you will be able to make their own adjustments with respect to the duration of the tour and the number of visited sites. Thus excursions in Riga – this is exactly what you need.

When planning your trips we provide you complete information about the events, national festivals, exhibitions and concerts, passable in the territory of Riga during your stay. We take care of purchasing tickets to these events.


Tour RigaRiga – a little Paris.

Riga, capital of Latvia, is situated on the bank of the Daugava River, was founded in 1201 by knights of the Livonian Order. Riga – the largest industrial and cultural center of the country with a rich history and culture, a real monument of architecture in the open air, the center of folk music and the venue for hundreds of fairs and festivals. Riga rightfully belongs to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the old part of the city is preserved in absolutely intact and is listed on the UNESCO list as one of the legacies of World Culture. In the Middle Ages, at the junction of land and waterways, he developed as a trade and crafts center.

Latvians talk about their cities as women, and Riga – is undeniable lady! At that moment, when you walk on its streets, you will understand why in the 30s it was called “Little Paris of the North”. The magnificent architecture, from medieval to modern. Old City vies with Prague, the opera house and concert halls, an active artistic life, fine shops and restaurants, all indicates that Riga again belongs to the major capitals of Europe.

Noisy, boiling life of the capital and at the same time serene, unhurried; breathable eight centuries of history and eternally young; shining showcases luxury fashion boutiques and enchanting beauty unassuming quiet streets of its suburbs; shake the night music of numerous nightclubs and delight hearing a passerby thin game of street musicians. And it’s all so harmoniously and naturally combined in this tiny piece of Europe that it is simply impossible not to admire. And not surprisingly, has visited here once again and returns, at the same time, believe me, every time Riga for a guest ready amazing surprises. Time after time, it appears in a completely new, hitherto unknown perspective and if playfully opens more and more new secrets.