Concierge serviceConcierge service «CST» provides concierge services in Riga, Jurmala and Latvia. Concierge service – a set of services that can help you solve a lot of issues during a business visit to Latvia. Concierge service includes not only the transfer organization, excursions or book hotels, and the solution more complex tasks.

Our goal is to maximize the operative decision of all spectrum of tasks that can be supplied by our client. We are ready to order for you yacht or helicopter, rent a villa, arrange a personal tour, and so on. Etc… For those who are planning a trip to Latvia, staff Concierge service «CST» will simply irreplaceable.

Let the professionals take care of your stay in Latvia. Do not distract the company’s staff from performing non-core functions. If you want to save the usual work schedule and rhythm activities, spend your precious time on only what is interesting to you personally, and is profitable for your business, to catch more with the least loss of time, effort and money. Our company «CST» will offer you the optimal set of services regardless of the purpose of your visit to Latvia.

If you have calculated how much it costs at least one hour of your work or leisure, we recommend that you save the money for nothing – better enjoy a business or leisure traveler, and the solution of all other questions you can trust us. Using the services of a concierge service, our customers save not only time but also money. We will allow your company to reduce the budget for the organization of business trips to Riga (Latvia). We hope that using our services, concierge service, you fully enjoy the journey and then contact us.

Concierge service:

  1. Organization and planning of your business trips and business trips to Latvia;
  2. Organization of outreach activities for the company personnel: corporate events, trainings in Latvia;
  3. Organization of visits to events: exhibitions, conferences, trainings, business meetings, etc .;
  4. Selection and booking of hotels in Riga, Latvia;
  5. Rent conference halls in Riga, Latvia;
  6. Ensuring transfer in Latvia, Riga, Baltic states;
  7. Car hire with driver;
  8. Assistance in obtaining visas to Latvia;
  9. Assistance in the opening of the company;
  10. Help in purchasing real estate in Latvia:
  11. Organization of recreation, entertainment.

Our staff, concierge service, in touch daily and around the clock. To chat with them, send e-mail or call +371 28958080. Riga We believe that anyone who came to relax or work in Latvia and in need of help should get it as quickly as possible. This is why we employ a special service, which is called the concierge – service. All requirements for the organization of your leisure or business visit to Latvia, will certainly be solved.

Concierge service company «CST» provides its customers with:

  1. Quick application process (one phone call in Riga +371 28958080 or E-mail with a description of the problem);
  2. Involvement of any specialist (our employee or competent person of the other companies), which will ensure its implementation;
  3. Accurate, timely and qualitative execution of your wishes;
  4. Convenient for you to the form of payment.

Why Latvia:

Latvia – a link that is historically and geographically connects the East and the West. Latvia is a member of the European Union, which is very beneficial promotes business. Latvia for You can be the starting point for a business trip in Western and Eastern Europe. This will meet with business partners and sign lucrative business contracts for business in Latvia (Riga), and in Europe, to take part in various thematic exhibitions and conferences, forums and festivals.

If you are interested, you can contact us by phone in Riga +37128958080 or E-mail, listed in Contacts. We will be happy to help plan your visit to Latvia.