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Please fill in out the application form for the rental of yachts in Riga, Jurmala and our operator will contact you soon, or call +371 28958080 in Riga.

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Prices for rental

Standard Time travel:

  1. morning trip(the approximate time) from 11:00 to 16:00
  2. evening trip (the approximate time) from 17:00 to 22:00
Standard price travel in the company of up to 20 people:
  1. Monday- Thursday: morning trip (~ 5 hours) 1000,- EUR evening trip (about 5 hours) 1300.- EUR
  2. Friday: morning trip (~ 5 hours) 1300,- EUR evening trip (~ 5 hours) 1600.- EUR
  3. Saturday - Sunday: morning trip (~ 5 часов) 1600.- EUR evening trip (~ 5 hours) 1600.- EUR
Top summer cruise season from 08.07. - 21.08. The fee for a standard 5-hour trip from Monday to Sunday:
  1. morning trip – 1950.- EUR
  2. evening trip – 1950.- EUR

Attention! Additional fee for each guest over 20 - EUR 35.- The maximum number of guests during the trip - 30 people.

Rental catamaran in Latvia, Riga, Jurmala

Аренда катамарана в Латвии, Риге, ЮрмалеOne of the services that we provide to our customers, is to rent a catamaran in Latvia, Riga, Jurmala. The most important factor for us is the quality of our services, so we only work with reliable companies and owners of yachts and catamarans in Latvia. We never work on a template, and always find to each client the personal approach and maximum attention. Our staff will do everything so that you can spend a truly unforgettable day at sea. We will pick up suits your requirements a walk, get directions, offer a number of entertainment programs take care of the power to make your stay was so enjoyable as possible. At the luxurious catamaran run by a professional captain, you can directly from the deck of the catamaran to swim in the sea and soak up the sun and cool refreshing drinks in the evening enjoy the sunset.

Terms of rent a catamaran in Riga (Jurmala)

  1. Minimum rental period catamaran: 5:00
  2. The maximum number of participants at the one-day trips: 30 persons
  3. The maximum number of participants at a multi-day tours: 20 people
  4. All prices are without PVN.
  5. Depending on the route length and specificity, the price can be negotiated.
  6. Price multiday rental catamaran: contract.
  7. Advance ordering rent catamaran – 50% of the total cost of the trip.
  8. If a trip on a yacht is canceled due to weather conditions, the travel date is postponed by agreement of the parties.
  9. If the trip is canceled due to the fault of the customer, the customer can change the departure date, notice not less than 5 days prior to departure.
  10. In case of absence of the customer advance payment is not refundable.
  11. If there is a delay in departure by the Customer, it is considered the beginning of the departure time of reservation.
  12. Travel time sailing depends on many factors in the projected end of the trip, approximately
  13. Out of the other catamaran sailing club: by mutual agreement and separate payment.

Catamaran rental rules:

  1. Coming on board a catamaran trip, all participants confirm that they have read the terms of use catamarans.
  2. Along the way clients need to obey the captain’s instructions and crew, without the permission of the captain is not allowed: swimming, fishing, any activity with elements Catamaran snap.
  3. The captain has the right to terminate the trip, if one of the guests is in a state of alcohol or drugs, threatening these safety.
  4. On the catamaran it is forbidden to raise animals.
  5. On the catamaran it is forbidden to bring food and drinks.
  6. On the catamaran forbidden to wear high-heeled shoes and shoes with black soles. Suitable footwear and sports shoes with white soles, warm weather will feel best with bare feet.

Attention! Plan your journey in advance. The more time we have, the longer journey will coincide with your dream of a perfect holiday, and the cheaper it will cost. Price offers on this site are indicative and presented in order to inform customers about the approximate cost of services.

We hope that using our services, you will fully enjoy the journey in Latvia and turned back to us.

If you are interested in our offer (boat rental), you can contact us by phone in Riga 37128958080 or E-mail, listed in Contacts. We will be happy to help you plan your visit to Latvia.