Flights in tandem paraglider is an entirely new emotions and thrills! Flying in tandem paraglider will give you the opportunity to enjoy the coast and see the Earth from a bird’s eye view. You will be in the hands of an experienced trainer who will take care of you both in flight and on the ground.

Paragliding flight at an altitude of 450 m-an amazing, breathtaking adventure that is worth a try.

Tandem paragliding flights

Tandem paragliding flights

Chair of the passenger and the pilot’s harness are connected into one. Tandem paragliding has a size that allows you to fly with a passenger up to 130 kg. During launch, the glider is back on Earth. The pilot and passenger of the towing rope cling to, and with the help of machines and special winches is tightening in the air to a height of 450 m to the passenger at the start to run approximately 10 meters. In the air the pilot otceplâet the cable together and you’re floating above the ground.

Flight duration depends on the style of flight, weather conditions and weight. By agreement with the pilot aèrobatičeskih it is possible to perform stunts during the flight. Flying with aèrobatičeskimi tricks in short time, but richer in emotion; a simple flight lasts longer and be more relaxed. Flight time from 6 to 15 minutes.

Important: Weight limit: 20-130 kg.

                                   Age restriction: from 6 years old
One flight is 40 €.

Working hours:

Flights take place on working days in the evenings and on weekends. High season: from March to October, winter flights are rare.