Horse riding in the surrounding area of Riga

Horse riding in the surrounding area of Riga

Horseback riding - it's a great way to spend free time. Horse riding, hiking and horseback riding are available to all - and very experienced riders and beginners!

Horse riding are held in the surrounding woods and fields, accompanied by an instructor. The instructor determines the route and pace of walking, depending on the wishes and readiness of the participants, focusing on the weakest party. The routes are made up to two hours of time and walking. Maximum number of participants - ten.

The cost of trips for one person:

  1. The first hour - 50,00 Eur
  2. Every next - 25,00 Eur

The price includes:

Transfer from Riga (Jurmala) - to base riding

Picnic + Horse riding in the castle

Picnic + Horse riding in the castle

Spend the day in the aristocratic atmosphere! You will be taken to a truly magical place, where you will learn the history and legends of the castle of the 18th century, you will embark on an unforgettable ride on horseback along the castle park, and after a walk, you expect a royal picnic on the banks of the picturesque lake.

Offer price: 250.00 Eur;

Included in cost:

  1. Tour of the castle;
  2. one o'clock riding for two persons (instructor services, equipment);
  3. Comfortable places for a picnic basket with food +;
  4. Car service with driver.

How to book?

Please fill out the application form, and our operator will contact you soon, or call 371 29214816 Riga.

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How to pay?
  1. Cash transactions (issuing of receipts)
  2. Bank cards (bank machines are equipped with a terminal on request)
  3. Advance payment through internet bank PaySera
  4. Advance payment to the bank account of SIA "CST"

Horse riding toursHorseback riding – it’s a great way to spend free time. Everyone knows that horses are the most intelligent and noble animals. Communication with horses has a beneficial effect on human health, it helps fight stress and a bad mood. Fresh forest air, confident gait graceful animal – the perfect combination for a good mood and a charge of vivacity! HORSE RIDING – memorable treat for those who love outdoor activities.

Horse rides

Horse riding, horseback riding – it’s an incredible feeling of freedom, and as a kind of leisure is becoming more and more popular. It is not surprising, because in horseback riding, there are unusual, and the use of, and gentility, and chat with a clever and kind animals. Horse routes, hiking and horseback riding are available to all – and experienced riders and beginners really! Imagine yourself in the image of the rider on the graceful thoroughbreds, which carries a leisurely walk you through the shady alleys and flowery paths. Obedient four-legged friend feel your every move, it responds to touch and gently traverses bumps, so as not to disturb the contemplative mood of the rider.

Horse drawn carriage or sleigh

Horse drawn carriage or sleigh this type of service, which you can use in any location you selected in the desired time. For example, it may be a wedding ceremony or any other event where you want to roll your guests or visitors. In the case of the transport of horses and harness the price we will have to negotiate separately.

Security rules

Equestrian and horse tourism are of extreme sports, safety rules which originate on the sad experiences of accidents, it is therefore all the more important to remember and literally perform every item of these rules to not overshadow their rest unpleasant and painful incidents.

  1. All instructions and the comments of the instructor must be implemented unconditionally and immediately.
  2. Approaching horses, talk with her, to you spotted. If will come suddenly, a horse can get scared and hurting you, especially if you get it back.
  3. With the horse must be handled calmly, confidently, demanding, but without coarseness.
  4. Disabling or setting the horse in the stall or box, make sure that the door is wide open. Stuck in a doorway, a horse can injure themselves and you.
  5. The horse lead, holding for a reason, and being at the shoulder of the horse. Bringing a horse from the stables, or in other tight spots, such as doors, corridors, passageways between the trees, etc. should be located before the horse, that horse you don’t pridavila.
  6. Leading a horse in about, or leaving the top, always observe the distance between horses to front running horse, lâgnuv, was not able to get hold of your horse, or your feet.
  7. The horse should not be let out of the field of view, because, for example, being afraid of something, it can hurt you.
  8. Sits on the horse in the stable or riding at the stables to enter very dangerous and forbidden, as this can lead to very serious injuries.
  9. Being on a horse, you have to be extremely careful, because the horse can suddenly get scared or stumble. Therefore, to avoid falling knees should always be appressed to the saddle.
  10. While riding, you can’t be afraid of horses, you have to be confident in yourself, otherwise it will feel and a horse will start to get nervous, or it can use it.
  11. In complex situations, it is necessary to think not about what will have to fall and how to resist and cope with the horse.
  12. If you happened to fall, not rise up, let the horse off. So you horse is not lâgnet hind legs.
  13. While riding or driving a horse in the wrap should never be an excuse for the hands, neck, etc. is very dangerous.
  14. Riding on horseback, feet in Stirrups to be so that the bow Stirrups was opposite the root of the little finger. This will prevent the jam legs in stirrups in case of a fall.
  15. Getting down with the horse, first select the two legs of the Stirrups.
  16. Reason must always remain in the hands of, you cannot throw. Leading a horse into the ground should not be dragged along the ground.

Riding in the forest and field, observe the following:

  1. Not to skate close to the trees. The horse is only with its size, on your feet you should worry themselves;
  2. Do not go under the low-growing branches and trees, you can hurt yourself back;
  3. Do not attempt to break or blow you to the branch. If the branch is not bend, it can overwhelm you with the horse, or tempered, hit walking behind you the rider or the horse;
  4. Do not overtake ahead of travelling. Their horses can take it, or as the beginning of the races, or violates their internal hierarchy and attack your horse. In both cases, the consequences are not predictable.