Golf Club

Golf Club "Viesturi"

"Viesturi" ("Viesturi") is historically the first Latvian Golf Club. Golf course 9 holes (par 35) is located in jaunmarupe airport Riga and Jurmala. Golf Club boasts picturesque views from the fields of the surrounding pine forest. Here are not only experienced athletes and beginners who are professional trainers will explain the nuances of the game.

Mārupes parish, LV-2166, Latvia

Reception: +371 2644 4390


Golf Club

Golf Club "Ozo"

Just a 20-minute drive from Riga Centre Golf Club is "Ozo" (Ozo Golfa klubs). The golf course is situated in a picturesque place on the shore of Lake kisezers. The field offers 18 holes (par 72), their total length of 6400 meters. The field created on 16 50 artificial ponds and sand bunkers. Its services are offered by experienced trainers, there is equipment hire.

Milgravja 16, Riga, Latvia

Reception: +371 67394399


Golf in LatviaGolf in Latvia

Golf, sports game with the ball and the sticks on a natural field, which tend to run the ball (for 9 or 18 tracks-tracks), the minimum number of strokes forced it into each of the holes of the field.

Distributed worldwide. The total number of regular players, according to various estimates from 60 to 100 million. man. Especially popular in the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Since the 1970 ‘s, golf is booming in Europe (Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands), as well as in South-East Asia.

In Latvia there are several established professional architects of golf courses, which was appreciated by experienced lovers of this sport. Good quality and a high level of service also contributed to the popularity of golf in Latvia.


There are Golf amateur and professional. In accordance with the rules of the lovers are not eligible to receive prize money even if he wins the tournament professionals, but also directly enter into sponsorship contracts, to take costly prizes, etc., however, golf is the only one of the well developed sports where there are still high-level amateur players capable of competing on equal footing with the professionals.

The first set of rules, published in Scotland in 1744, consisted of 13 points. Although the rule has since been expanded and refined, the basis remains unchanged: kick the ball from the spot where he stopped after a previous strike; every touch is a blow; winner is the one who will score the ball in the hole with fewer strokes.

There are two main types of games. When playing on the account have all shots taken during the tournament, and the player who made less number of strokes wins the game. When the match game are considered separate attacks rivals at each hole. The player who made less strokes, WINS this hole, and one who has won more holes is the winner.

To equalize the force in amateur competitions, as well as assessing the level of handicap system games (the stronger player, the lower his handicap). In most systems, the maximum level is a handicap at 36 points. The zero handicap reflects the professional level of the game.

The history of golf

For many people, you can find the reference to games where the goal was to get in the hole stone, round shape with a curved stick (China, ancient Rome, Caucasus). In the middle ages, similar to a golf game has been distributed in Holland (played it on a wooden ball). However, the generally accepted opinion is considered the birthplace of golf in its present form is Scotland.

Golf started in November (English links is a coastal marine dunes), where the grass grew quickly and was an excellent natural drainage. There are shepherds tending their sheep who “podstrigali” grass. Subsequently, for cutting Greens (Eng. green — plots the shorter grass) already used rabbits.

The first official mention of golf is found in the Royal Decree of 1457, which categorically banned Golf and soccer as a game, distracting from the mastery of martial arts. Despite the fact that for half a century has repeatedly issued such edicts, the Scots continued to play golf in violation of the ban.

At the beginning of the 16th century, it became clear that the Scottish Kings also violated its own ban is in the records of the Royal Treasurer had an entry about one and a half Guineas spent on golf balls. Soon after the ban was limited only to the holidays, and then filmed at all.

Gradually Golf had spread to all Britain, and at the end of the 18-early 19 century. went to continental Europe, America and India. The sharp rise in popularity of golf is a 1970-m, when there was a massive construction of public fields and when Golf is available for people with low income. In February 1971 American astronaut Alan Shepard, taking on board the spaceship Apollo folding Golf Club and golf ball, was the first golfer-earthling on the surface of the moon.


All professional golfers have one or more player card professional tours.

In the world there are about thirty of these tours, including women’s and Veterans ‘, each of which consists of a series of tournaments. The most prestigious are the four tournaments: the masters, the United States Open Championship, British Open Championship (the more correct name — just open Championship) and PGA Championship (Professional Association). These events are called mejdžorami (that is, the main competitions), they make up the Grand Slam men’s golf. Their big hats “is also for women and veterans. British Open Championship, the oldest of these tournaments is played out in 1860.

Since 1999 is also World Professional Championships (in 1999-2000, with phase three — four phases). But his prestige among the players yet significantly inferior to major, despite the record-breaking prize money (in 1999-2000 the amount of prize money in each tournament will make 5 million dollars Prize winner-1 million).

Fans of every two years, will play for the world Team Championship (the Eisenhower Cup for men, the Santa Èsprita Cup for women), as well as Continental Championships.


As a rule, the game consists of 18 holes, in each of which the player must drive the ball. Launch pad from which to begin the game, called tee (tee, literally is a label for the ball). Plot with the short grass on which is carved a hole, called green. Between the tee and green there are areas with short grass (fairway) Fairway — and higher — rough (rough).

Hole is a hole in the ground into which the ball rolls up-has a diameter of 108 mm. Hole is also known as part of the field, which includes tees, green and all the territory in between. When they say that the field consists of 18 holes, the mean 18 such stations.

To make the game on the field built sand traps, bunkers (bunkers), water hazards (water hazards).

The holes are different: long (par-5), middle (par-4) and short (par-3). Par (par) is a conditional rate account, which you can reach on this hole when the standard game. ” Hole length to about 180 m are defined as the par-3, up to 400 — like the par-4, and more long, both par-5. These figures differ for men and women, as well as for amateurs and professionals. When you define a couple of holes the player hitting the ball on the Green, then his two systems will impact-Patta (putt).

The result at one stroke less than pairs, called birdie (birdie), two less a pair of Eagle (eagle). The result of the blow more vapor is called boggy (bogey), two-double Boggy, etc.

The amount of vapor all holes is par for the course. As a rule, it is equal to 72. If a player has no such field of 70 strokes, his account is -2, if a 75, then-+3.