Босоногая тропаBarefoot trail – an original invention, the experience is replicated from Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and adapted for the Latvian landscape and climate, as well as by the unique qualities characteristic only of the Kemeri National Park and the River Lake Valgums Slocene.

Walking and wellness rituals only in Latvia and the Baltics barefoot trail will bring you a lot of pleasure.

The length of the trail 2 km. Pebbles, moss, cones, sand, boulders, wood, cane, wood chips, rough tree trunks, clay, river water, soaked by rain soft grass, pleasing to the touch peat – all this and much more will be a great adventure for your feet, and the effect will not long in coming.

Walking barefoot on natural, natural surfaces barefoot trail:

  1. You tempers your body and increases its defensive reaction;
  2. It improves blood circulation, which is useful for the heart;
  3. Stronger leg muscles, ligaments and joints;
  4. Relieves cramps in the calves;
  5. Tired legs a rest;
  6. The body relaxes and calms;

Walking barefoot on the trail, you can only walk with bare feet. Kids have to go along with their parents, because in a wheelchair along the paths of travel impossible.

If you have an appointment, you can enjoy a pleasant wellness – a floral foot bath, as well as refreshments in the form of herbal tea.

On site there is also a hotel, including rooms with panoramic views of the lake.

Hours: Barefoot Trail is open to everyone every day from 9: 00-20: 00.