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Vincents restaurant since opening in 1994, True gourmets is recognized as one of the most revered places in Northern Europe. The high reputation of the restaurant is known far beyond the borders of Latvia. Fine dining chef Mārtiņš Ritin′ša rated as outstanding personalities and subtle connoisseurs as the Emperor of Japan, Prince Charles, Elton John, Angela Merkel, George W. Bush, Heston Blumenthal and many others.

Vincents restaurant located in one of the most picturesque areas of Riga, built in the Art Nouveau district, a 15-minute walk from the old town. The restaurant’s menu includes a regular dinner, and for especially solemn occasions. Menus are always well thought out and corresponds to the season.

Restaurant Vincents maintains close links with local farmers, producers and processors of products is committed to the philosophy of Slow Food, by purchasing their products for the restaurant directly, without intermediaries. He buys products with the freshest and highest quality, therefore, the menu changes almost on a weekly basis and corresponds to the seasons.

Vincents restaurant voted best in Latvia for a second year in a row.

With the participation of the international jury for the second consecutive year the best Latvian restaurants, and, like last year, the title of “best restaurant of Latvia 2014 Ekselence” received “Vincents”.

At the awards ceremony were announced the winners of several special prizes. Martell Award “as best chef got Martins Ritins, and special prize” the best dessert of restaurant “got the 2014 Ekselence” Vincents “.

Best Sommelier of the Baltic countries recognized Kaspars Rejtups restaurant Vincents.

17.10. at the ninth time the Vana Tallinn Grand Prix the best Sommelier of the Baltic States was recognized by Kaspars Rejtups from Latvia (Vincents): “the conquest of the title of Best Sommelier in the Baltic States is a great honor for me. As the first member of the foursome, today I got a precious chance to watch the rest of the candidates, so I’m sure it was a very tough competition, where each of the candidates was very well prepared and showed great skill. And yet I feel a special pride that the title of Best Sommelier in the Baltic remains in Latvia for the third year in a row. “

This year the Vana Tallinn Grand Prix has been very strong, and without exception, all the finalists were worthy of winning. For nine years, during which time the Vana Tallinn Grand Prix level alcohol culture has grown enormously, and Vana Tallinn Grand Prix became the most important tournament of the Sommelier of the Baltic countries.

St. 19 elizabetes Street, Riga, LV-1010
T +371 67332830
M +371 29422446
S +371 67830206

Vincents restaurant is open
on weekdays and Saturdays from 18:00 to 22:00
On Sundays the restaurant is closed
The restaurant has a smoking ban.