Описание Проекта:

Restaurant “Sumo”- this is the first, featuring refined elite Japanese restaurant in Riga. It was opened in December 1999 year. «Sumo» are the visitors and discerning gourmets.

Thanks to the right of the selected concept, restaurant “Sumo” in the vanguard of the elite institutions of Riga. Customers of the restaurant is not only sophisticated gourmets, but also business and politics, who loved the restaurant for a quiet confidential atmosphere and fine cuisine. Here, slowly, in the calm atmosphere, you can discuss and solve critical business issues.

The Interior of the restaurant «Sumo» are characterized by elegance, Oriental charm, comfort and minimalism. The unique role of silk curtains separating tables from each other.

The Restaurant “Sumo”:
Kungu Iela 8, Riga, 67503244

The Restaurant “Sumo”:
Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. 12-23
Fri, Sat. 12 -24

Tel.: +371 6700 78 74