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Restaurant “SLĀVU” like to visit the most sophisticated connoisseurs of culinary stars, politicians, businessmen, ob″ezdivšie world and are familiar with the most exotic and trendy dishes. But here, in a restaurant with a homely atmosphere and traditional Slavic cuisine, they really have a rest soul and feel that they belong to a rich Russian culture.

The conductors of the hostess restaurants, charming restaurateurs Tatyana Sylow and Oksana Astanina, acknowledged that for two decades the restaurant has long since ceased to be just a business, it is their offspring, they are treated with special AWE and love.

Restaurant “SLĀVU” is equally good both for business lunches and dinners, and romantic rendezvous or family Sunday teas, which are all the rules-with samovars and fresh homemade pastries.


Restaurant “SLĀVU” (“Slave”) is a legendary restaurant, for more than 15 years, is a favorite destination for those who love and cherish diversity and bounty of traditional Russian cuisine.

Restaurant “SLĀVU”-the place where originally Russian traditions is artfully blended with modern trends and traditions still WINS. Hlebosol′nost′ Russian soul does not allow small portions on big plates, and experimenting with food.

Restaurant “SLĀVU” is familiar to all of us since childhood taste of soup, meatballs, and Ruddy of grandmother’s pies with meat or cabbage.

In the summer months, the restaurant added to the traditional dishes cooked on the fire, you can enjoy sitting on the lovely shaded terrace.

The Cooks

Skilful cooks will surprise you with an abundance of traditional Russian dishes and drinks. Try UHI Royal with pie, rich soups from sorrel, and in summer, branded okrošečki, cooked at home kvass in ancient Russian recipe. Menu «Slavonic» always pleases a wide range of dishes, and in the summer it also replenishes the dishes prepared on open fire, for example, the sturgeon with vegetables, salmon steak, lamb chops, succulent skewers of pork and chicken.

The success story of the “Slavic” is Maksim Cherkasov, one of the best of cooks, who brought Russia to Latvia Imperial Russian cuisine. Talk about the restaurant’s menu is a thankless job. There are no words that can describe the taste of “Royal” fish soup with pie, sturgeon with CD singles or rich future. Table-rich, hosts-friendly!

Come join us and experience what a genuine Russian hospitality.

Restaurant in Jurmala

Address: Jomas 76, Jurmala
Phone: (+371) 67761401
E-mail: slavu@slavu.lv