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Restaurant "LIBRARY No. 1"Restaurant “LIBRARY No. 1” becomes a journey into the world of taste: you will hear a story about the most beautiful city park and take a fascinating trip through the vineyards of Italy.

The highest quality seasonal products, experience and always bright feelings allow our chef Māris Ânsonsu create a unique modern library Latvian dishes. On the one hand, there is the timeless classics, on the other hand, the endless search for the perfect taste, imagination and new experiences that can transform any lunch or dinner in an unforgettable journey. In the restaurant Restaurant “LIBRARY No. 1” an incredible way are: indoor space with nature; a normal meal with flying taste; Classic with boldness. This is a tour not only of the kitchen, but in a whole new world.

The restaurant gives a feeling of celebration, not only for our guests, but also for employees, who are creating the bottleneck. It is ruled by the knowledge and experience accumulated by generations, and there is joy and great emotion from enjoying the pleasant atmosphere, good company and a truly delicious meal.


Restaurant “LIBRARY No. 1” offers you two comfortable guest rooms, which are perfectly suitable for the holding of a Conference, seminar, presentation, banquet, reception, the so-called pm or any other event.

Restaurant “LIBRARY No. 1” jpen: 12:00-00:00
Terbatas Street 2, Riga, LV-1050
Email: info@restoransbiblioteka.lv
Phone: +371 20225000