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Restaurant Le Dome will conquer the hearts of many connoisseurs.

Fish restaurant “Le Dome” is located in the heart of Riga’s old town, just a 5-minute walk from the famous DOM Cathedral and the Marina.

Maris Astič, responsible for the cuisine of the restaurant “Le Dome”, is a member of the Latvian Club of chefs, the inventor of the unique recipes, a tireless experimenter and Hunter with experience.

He participated in the opening of “Le Dome”, then prepared in the best restaurants of Riga and WINS in gastronomic contests.

“In the same river you can enter as many times as you want,” the Maris himself once said, and returned to the restaurant “Le Dome”.

Now he is luring guests with new culinary ideas, four times a year to update the menu. Maris remained faithful to purely seasonal local products. His favorite ingredients-the Latvian eel, catfish, walleye, Pike, rabbit, venison and läänemaa wild boar Patty. And in summer and autumn leaves in the forest, Maris to collect mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, strawberries, cranberries, Juniper and cloudberries, which subsequently uses to prepare the most delicious dishes. His talent for discovering unexpected properties of familiar food delights guests trendy Culinary Studio “Gemoss” and “Viesistaba”, where the master-classes of Marisa gather the notices.

Restaurant hours:

(B) working days from 7.00 h to 23.00 h.
(B) the weekend from 8.00 h to 23.00 h.

Phone: +371 67559884
St. 4, Riga, miesnieku