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Restaurant "Armenia" offers special dishes that are focused on creating a welcoming and unforgettable atmosphere for its guests. The abundance of Armenian dishes and European cuisine will satisfy tastes of the most discerning palate.

Here an ideal atmosphere for families, meetings with friends or a romantic dinner. Restaurateur a. Šagoâna has managed to recreate a genuine spirit of Armenia-natural stone finish, drawing forged stairs reiterates the twists of the vine, and the walls are decorated with paintings of famous Armenian artists. Soft interior highlights the centuries-old architecture and the ancient culture of Armenia.

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Hall, which is specially designed to celebrate special occasions. Deserve special attention, unique drinks can be enjoyed in the restaurant of the Armenia-this variety of wine from pomegranate, Plum, BlackBerry and Sultanas. Connoisseurs of European beverages will also be satisfied with the selection of upscale wines and cognacs.

And finally-a dessert from Chef "sweet flavour of Armenia", the Armenian coffee, cooked on the hot sand. Elegant bouquet of aromas will give you an unforgettable taste of warmth and charm of the Armenian lands. We invite our guests to discover the legendary tasty and useful Armenian cuisine.

Address: UL. Dzirnavu 62
Pin. phone: +37129502222
Reservation: +37129502222
Contact e-mail: info@restoranarmenia.lv
e-mail for reservations: reserv@restoranarmenia.lv