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The vision of LIDO: within 25 years to become a leading catering firm in Europe, raising awareness of Latvia in the world.

LIDO mission: to change the perception in Europe of fast food to feed people with high quality and in a pleasant atmosphere, while allowing you to save time and money.


The Bistro serves clients around 500 different dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta dishes and pizzas and pancakes, freshly squeezed juices and organic vegetables. Daily consumption of vegetables is impressive: 2.6 tons of potatoes, 400 kg 250 kg of carrots and onions. Next to the bistro, confectionary LIDO offers freshly baked buns, cakes and chocolates LIDO.

Express restaurant LIDO

Express restaurant is located on the top floor of the LIDO Recreation Centre offers a range of snacks and buffet service at the tables. Here you can select the menu of meat, fish and vegetable main dishes. For express-the restaurant creates a special festive atmosphere.

Beer cellar

Customers of the beer cellar invites you to taste national cuisine and dance. Each table of the beer cellar is painted differently-in the painting of portraits of personalities, used widely known in Latvia and in the world. In the beer cellar is brewery, which brews and offer four grades of unfiltered beer-LIDO Gaišais (Light) (4.5%), the LIDO Speciālais (Special) (4.6%), the LIDO Medalus (Honey) (4.5%) and and LIDO night celebration alus (Holiday) (5%) of the output of the brewery-900 litres of unfiltered beer per day, the production cycle lasts for 21-28 days. the brewing process, using equipment of Austrian company Salm & Co occurs in front of customers, and the beer straight from the tanks on special pipes (the longest is 92 m) is delivered to the bar customers. LIDO beer has received recognition at the Latvian beer festivals.

Amusement park LIDO

Amusement park LIDO was opened in the summer of 2001, when the smallest visitors was offered the attraction “car rental”. In 2003, was the biggest in Baltic States opened a skating rink with artificial ice, which in summer becomes ice rink for skating on roller skates. The amusement park has 14 different attractions: Rodeo, panoramic Tower, “wreathed in flight, air guns, trampoline, Rental cars, race track, Ferrari, shooting range, Throw and win, eurobungy, children playground, children’s driving school. In summer, on the stage of the park themed music programs.


Riga, St. Krasta, 76, LV-1019
Information: +371 67504420
Banquet, reservation: 67700000, +371
e email reservation@lido.lv

Working hours:
daily from 11:00 to 00:00